The Parish Council was established in 1894 and has been a vibrant local body ever since, providing local residents with open spaces to enjoy, maintaining some local services and organising local celebrations for national events.

The Council has a life of four years with cycles similar to the Borough.  It meets monthly except in August, on the third Wednesday of the month and works through three sub-committees, who, together with the Council’s Chairman and Vice-chairman, are elected at the Annual Meeting in May.  If necessary, the non-executive Committees may co-opt until the following April people either with special expertise, or to bring the Committee to an acceptable strength.  Annually, at its first meeting, each Committee will elect a chairman from its non co-opted members. 

There is an Annual Parish Meeting when all residents may speak, on the third Wednesday of March.


It is the third tier of Local Government in the area covered by Kent County Council, the second is Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and, except for the town of Tonbridge, all the Borough has a Town or Parish Council as the third tier.  

  • It manages the maintenance and development of the open spaces it owns:       
    • The Recreation Ground, Riding Lane;
    • The Village Green, Mount Pleasant;
    • West Wood 
  • It maintains unadopted street lighting.
  • It represents Village interest on some Committees working in the Borough Council and outside organisations.
  • It nominates trustees to certain charities
  • It acts as consultee on planning applications received from the Borough Council, footpath matters and as the local focus when other government tiers consult.


  • Let your views be known by contacting the Clerk by phone, letter or email at any time.
  • Attend the Annual Parish Meeting on 2nd Wednesday of March in the Village Hall
  • Attend the monthly meeting of the Parish Council, 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7.30pm in the Finzi Room of the Village Hall (except March and August)
  • Attend Committee Meetings as detailed on notice boards
  • Talk to Parish Councillors who attend the Farmers´ Market 2nd Tuesday of the month.

See on this site a brief outline of ‘who does what’ in Local Government as it affects Hildenborough, but both the County and Borough have web sites which, amongst other things, provide a detailed alphabetical guide on responsibilities with the County site showing both their own and, in less detail, those of the Borough Council.